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About this commitment: Fight loneliness

According to me loneliness is an important social issue in our society where individualism and competition are strong.
We are great consumers of everything;
Goods (There's thousands of choice in products, in shops...)
Activities (digital, sporting...)
Beliefs (everyone could have their own and change depending of the moment and situation)
Even in relationship (We relate less on others and put more easily an end to our friendship when we meet difficulties.)

A lot of people, such as high school students (but anyone could) suffer from the loneliness because they don't know how to create strong relations with others.

We want (and need) so much to live with others. Humans need social time to develop and reach happiness. But thinking everything should be the most perfect we fear to go towards others.
The <>...? keep us from sharing with wonderful people.
(What if they don't want to see me? What if I make a fool of myself? What if they judge me? What if...)

Because loneliness could destroy self-esteem and hurt emotionally, we should care about what others are living and try to fight loneliness taking time each day for social activities.

I had been writing this blog entrie after I had create the commitment <> because it’s an important issue, that I’m (among others) suffering of.
Also, wanting to become a teacher in remedial education, I’ll be working with students with difficulties (they are the ones often suffering from discrimination). If I want to help them, I need to know well about this reality.
People of all ages, of all culture can feel lonely at one moment or another in their life, but we need people; to help us, to appreciate us, to share, to be happy…
«Loneliness is an emotion best shared» As Mike from Australia wrote on this site the 23 October’s of 2002.

According to the census made by Statistics Canada in 2006, 40% of the adults in Montreal live alone, while in Canada it’s 27 %. Those numbers had jumped of 7,6% in a five years period, and they are suppose to grow again in the years to come. Also in Quebec, 53% of the couples don’t have any children. This proves we have of relationship problem in our aging population.
According to me, social network could be a great way to fight loneliness, even if some people would say; those digital technologies destroy true relation. For some the anxiety to be with other people is toot strong so computer or phone could be a great alternative to their feeling of loneliness.

So in this idea digital network as TIG is a great way to make contact more easily.
You could find people sharing your interest and communicate with them without the fear of being judge for what superficial reality or having to see them again.
It easier this way, also there's no more borders but the language in those relations.

Thanks for reading

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KathleenVallee Kathleen Vallee
May 6, 2010 | 4:58 PM Little story...
Do you really think you know anything about your existence? Do you believe in Fate? Are you trustful in life?
Personally, I don’t know anymore what to think about that.
I have already suffered too much to grant blindly and consciously my confidence in anything.
There still remains in me sufficient life, so that day after day, I rise and achieve my torment, as a perfect automat. There still remains in me sufficient force since in spite of my desires; I continue with tenacity to struggle in the difficulties even if nothing ever changes. There still remain in me sufficient ambition and will, so I’ll never give up even driven back. But it remains nothing else; everything has been taken from me, everything has been torn off.

I discovered myself a strength I have never expected possessing. I cling faithfully to this life, to this illusion, to this explosion. I can’t abdicate and let everything go away from me. I need to fight, to try, to grasp with despair but resolution each opportunities I could think of. I have to admit that sometimes it’s so hard that my only whish is to let go, to suffer my torment, hiding myself in my loneliness.

I don’t know what had happened. One day, I was still myself, fully confident, happy about my life, but the following day, reduced to silence I was captive. I’m holding for too long, without explanations, without news, how am I supposed to support this? Since this strange moment there remains nothing more than emptiness and the conscience of passing time. What am I waiting for? What am I living for? I can’t remember.
henrose Henry
June 4, 2011 | 7:27 PM
I heard the old men say: if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.. Having a belief is very important. Having a dream is the ultimate. Sometimes these things remain constant when all other things are variable. Like a beacon of light in the darkest night, it guides our feet, like a shelter in the raging storm it protects our reason for existence. Sometimes life can be like a long dark tunnel, you can't always see the light @ d end of d tunnel but if you keep moving, you'll come to a better place. Its vague, it sounds stupid, it may look very bleak but this is all about life..its magnificence can astound, its inspiration can shake you & most importantly its flame forever burns, teaching lessons we must learn to bring us closer to the power of the dream. Life goes on
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